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Re: Sinclair Discussion List mechanics

Good Day John,

And now a word from an alternate sponsor.

With regards to the Genealogy list, the list is a little bit different from
the discussion list.  It is a restricted, moderated list which means:

1. The moderator/list owner-approves all messages prior to their being sent
to list members.  This helps eliminate spam and prevents arguments from

2. All members are approved by the listowner/moderator in an effort to learn
who is on the list the only pre requisite is a name listed in the Onelist
profile section.  I do check prior to approving membership.  Again, this is
a control to prevent use of the names for other purposes.

Attached to the list there is space to upload files for viewing by others.
Family history or genealogy info is the preferred type of file.

There is a system available for a calendar of events, a system for surveys,
and much more all supported by onelist (now called E-list)

Anyone interested feel free to go to www.elist.com and search for
sinclair-roots and subscribe.

This list has been around for a while and has generated very little traffic.
Things are picking up.  I will be forwarding genealogical questions from the
discussion list to the Genealogy list in the future to help generate


Gary M. Sinclair

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