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As someone who has had dogs all his life (except for a period in Africa when I had
a lion cub) I loved your extract from Byron.  It summed up everything in a few well-
chosen lines.

If human beings had half the courage, half the loyalty, half the devotion, half the nobility
of a good dog the World would be a better place.  They retain all the qualities which we
have lost because, without that essential spirit of nobility and self-sacrifice, we are nothing.

The Rex Deus families (of whom the Sinclairs were one) tried to preserve the true
teachings of Jesus which in their "Proclamation of the Poor" stade:

                                You shall not eat
                                        If the poor do not eat.

                                You shall not have clothing
                                        If the poor do not have clothing.

                                You shall not have a habitation
                                        If the poor do not have a habitation.

                                You shall not have warmth or a fire in your grate
                                        If the poor do not have warmth or a fire in theirs.

                                You shall not be cured of your illness
                                        If the poor are not cured of theirs.

High ideals?  Yes, but these are the ideals which we have all to aspire to if we can lay
any claim to belonging to a civilised society.

In this troubled and tormented World, there is a need for us all to stop and take stock
if we are not going to face oblivion.

For those of you who have been unable to obtain a copy of "Rex Deus" by Tim Wallace-
Murphy, Marilyn Hopkins and Graham Simmans I recommend that you do.  It is a masterly
work which gives us a sense of hope and direction as we begin the third millennium which is also the dawn of  a new Aquarian age but it will require a dramatic change in the way which
we govern ourselves.  We can no longer leave the integrity of our nations or the sanctity of
our planet in the hands of self-serving politicians.

I have made arrangments for copies of "Rex Deus" to be available for those of you who will be attending the Grand Sinclair Gathering in July.

In the meantime, Tim and Marilyn are busy working on the definitive work on Prince Henry
Sinclair - a man who combined courage with compassion, vision with hope, strength with

He also loved dogs but I do not know if he was responsible for introducing (what is now
known as) the Newfoundland dog to America.

Niven Sinclair