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Arthur St. Clair's great defeat

General Arthur St. Clair sent to attack the Amer Indians, forcing them to a peace.  George Washington told St. Clair to "Beware of Surprise".  St. Clair attacked the villages of Miami, Shawnee and Delaware Indians near modern Fort Wayne Indiana.  His troops consisted of 2 regiments of regular army troops and militia from Kentucky and some of the original 13 states.  Arthur St. Clair was governor of the Ohio territory.  Much of the militia deserted, the soldiers were sick, there were no pack horses and the tents leaked.  By the 4th of November 1791, the army was down to 1400 men.  They camped along the Wabash River.  Before sunrise,  "Little Turtle", the great Miami Indian war chief, led 1200 warriors into battle.  They took St. Clair's army completely by surprise.  Before noon, half of the army was dead on the field. The remainder ran for their lives, leaving the dead and the wounded and 8 cannons, 1200 muskets, horses and wagons. "Little Turtle" lost 21 braves.  It was one of the greatest Indian victories.  President George Washington heard what had happened and purportedly shouted to his secretary "St Clair suffered that army to be cut to pieces, butchered, tomahawked by surprise.  How can he answer to his country.  The curse of widows and children is upon him."

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