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Re: Rosettes

><pardon the snip>

>   K.W.S. wants to know more.  After 'rescuing' the tombstones and the 
> King of Terrors,
>   I was eventually accused of drinking blood from skulls and for 
> partaking in other
>   Satanic rites and, of course, for desecrating a burial ground.

Oh Niven, that is absolutely laughable!!!! :)  You??  drinking blood from 
skulls? participating in Satanic rites?  Were you supposed to be dancing 
naked under the stars as well? I'm sorry Niven, and don't take it the wrong 
way, but I had a very good long laugh at anyone thinking that of you!!!


>  Those people, who know me, will know that the accusations are untrue 
> and, as for those
>  people who don't know me, it doesn't matter.  My conscience is clear.  I 
> was intent on
>safe-guarding part of our history.  This was done.
>Niven Sinclair

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