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Re: Rosettes

-The "King of Terrors" guildstone that Niven rescued from a Sinclair
graveyard contains some interesting symbolism.  On the left front of the
stone is "Death" wearing a crown and holding a scythe.  In the middle is
what appears to be a boy standing with his left foot on a ball (with a cross
inscribed on it) and his right foot on the character "O."  The boy's arm is
outstretched as though to hand something to what appears to be an infant
sitting in a chair above an open book.

I have two questions. Are my perceptions correct as to the figures that are
carved into the guild stone?  Does any one have any idea as to the symbolism
displayed?  At first, thought that it might portray the stages of life, but
the typical signposts are not there e.g. baby symbolizing birth, adult
symbolizing mid-life and an old person, then death.

Ward Ginn

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