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Re: Rosettes

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<< This same
 room also has a tomb of a 13th. century Knight Templar, and a 17th. century
 guild stone depicting the King of Terrors. I have pictures from the crypt,
 you are intrested, I could send a copies to you.

Could anyone explain the meaning and the significance , if any , to 
Sinclairs of the term "" King of Terrors "" .

Thank you ,

Joe Greigg
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"The King of Terrors" is "death".   Momento Mori.  Remember death as is
graphically depicted in Rosslyn Chapel where there is one of the finest
examples of the danse macabre - the dance of death - where living people
are led off,  in order of precedence, to their graves.  The beautifully carved
representation of this 'dance' is seen above the access to the retro-choir
in Rosslyn Chapel.  Naturally, it begins with a robed and crowned king
with his adjacent skeleton and ends with a ragged pauper and his skeleton
- a poignant reminder that, in death, all men are equal.

"The King of Terrors", which you see in Rosslyn Chapel, was 'rescued' by me
(with two Templar tombstones) from an old Sinclair graveyard which had
become derelict and, to my mind, had been desecrated by covens of witches
who were using the site for their ceremonies.

Niven Sinclair