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Genetic traits

If I may add a footnote to the recent exchanges between Johnnye  and myself 
about genetic
memory and her 'unusual' red hair and green eyes, the Narrgansett Indians 
when asked: "Who
built Newport Tower?" answered:  "It was built by fire-haired* men with 
green eyes who came
up the river in a boat like a gull with a broken wing".

* Note: fire-haired men.  Not fair haired

   'The gull with the broken wing' was undoubtedly a reference to the 
ships' sail flapping in
   the breeze because, by the time the ship was in the estuary, it would, 
in all probability,
   have been propelled by men at the oars.

What a wonderful description the Narragansett people gave to the arrival of 
the builders of
Newport Tower and how much we can (and should) learn about the early 
history of America
from that simple sentence.

Niven Sinclair

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