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Re: Sinclair Castles

At 12:32 05/04/00 -0400, you wrote:
I knew it. I just knew it. Ever since I was a little girl (a hundred years or
so ago) I always dreamt of living in a castle, and not a fairy-tale type
either. I'm talking the rugged stone kind. Must be genetic memory, aye? My
husband claims I collect too much "stuff" to which I reply that I'm used to
more spacious accomodations where it would all be spread out and not
noticeable. Think he buys this?

Johnnye St. Clair-Gerhardt
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Dear Johnnye,

We all have genetic memory.  It is my genetic memory (or my earlier self) which has
controlled my life and directed me in my work on the Sinclairs.  I no longer ask why
my alter ego should be so demanding or so spend-thrift with my money.  I lost that
battle a long time ago.

Niven Sinclair