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Re: William Sinclair / Sinkler

To all ---

The historical connection to the Lancaster / York counties and Delaware thru 
Chester County , Pa.( all USA ) was the grain trade by Conestoga Wagon to 
Delaware's Quaker Mills at the "" Fall line "" on the Brandywine and 
Christiana Rivers and then on to Philadelphia , Pa./ Baltimore , Maryland and 
or shipment overseas ! 

The actual route was  from the Lancaster / York Counties of Pennsylvania , 
then to Gap , Pennsylvania to the towns of Newport and New Castle , Delaware  
and back , perhaps with gunpowder from the Dupont Powder Mills in Delaware or 
with imported goods .

Interestingly , the highway route which is today known as the "" Newport - 
Gap Pike"" was an old indian trail and many of the names in its vicinity are 
from the indian language e.g. Hockessin --" place of foxes " , etc.

Some of my and Lynn Sinclair's  family branches were innkeepers along these 
routes in Colonial times !

Migration along these routes to the then "" wilderness "" and some of the 
world's richest famlands in those counties was a natural opportunity not to 
be missed !  

Joe Greigg
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