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Re: Other Sinclairs in Delaware & Maryland USA

In a message dated 00-04-03 12:39:29 EDT, you write:

<< Although the above reference, and other Quaker records, indicate that 
 William lived in Chester county, there are letters from some of his 
 ancestors indicating that he may have been raised in the Wilmington area by 
 a Quaker family after being kidnapped in Scotland at an early age.
 Joe, if you come across any information about such a William Sinkler, in 
 Delaware or Pennsylvania, please post a message to this list
 Richard Huseth >>

Hello Richard and others --

My Sinlair line is perhaps the youngest by a considerable margin among my USA 
family lines , having arrived in the USA in the 1800's .

Also , we have only been pursuing genealogy for 2+ years and therefore have a 
lot of " rooting " through old records ahead of us yet .

With that said , however , I am fortunate to still reside in Delaware and to 
have most of my lines both early Quakers and here for 350+ years !

The only " Sinkler " that we have noticed was a William Sinkler in the 
Delaware Civil War Regiments records of 1965+/-   .

However , we were never looking for any of those 70+ other spellings that 
Niven mentioned since my line used exclusively SINCLAIR in the USA !

In the time period you seem to be concerned with 1650 - 1750 , I would say 
that the most promising locations would be :

1-- Darby Monthly Meeting --  Darby , Pa.

2-- New Ark Meeting and Cemetery -- Northern , Delaware ( This is NOT  near 
or the same as Newark , Delaware ,  but rather near the home of the Quaker 
Valentine Hollingsworth ) .

3-- Original records of the New Castle Meeting , Old Swedes Church and 
     Church ( Wilmington , DE. area ) .

For a general understanding of those record's significance, note that  the 
rivers were difficult to coss in those early days , especialy during the 
winter , so Quakers often attended differerent Meetings seasonally for that 
reason .

As practical result ,  since Delaware is so small , that could mean 
Pennsyvania versus Delaware . 

I also understand that some Meetings were Monthly ,some Quarterly , and some 
Annual - so research that aspect before assuming residence , etc.

I  found that the early colonists -- my Quaker Bonsall line for example -- 
had simultaneous land holdings ( Plantations) at the same time, 1650+ , in 
Darby , PA. and central Delaware , totalling in aggregate , thousands of 
acres !   In other words , they traveled a lot ( routinely ) even in those 
early times .

In the study of "Urban Economics" at the University , the rivers were the 
or AutoBahns if you prefer .

You will notice that those places of significance to your research are 
located along the Delaware river - Philadelphia , Darby , Upland, Chester 
,Wilmington , New Castle ,etc. I can tell you that travel from New Castle to 
Philadelphia was relatively routine then.

Here are some other data from that " era "

1-- Certificate of Removal on 08-10-1796 from the Wilmington Monthly Meeting 
to the  
     Goshen Monthly Meeting ( PA ) of Hannah Sinclair , a young woman .

2-- Certificate of Removal on 07-14-1784 from the Wilmington Monthly Meeting 
to the
     New Garden Monthly Meeting ( PA ) . Job Sinclair and son , Abraham 
Sinclair ,  
     infant . Sickness of himself and family has reduced his circumstances ; 
" clear of 
     marriage engagements " .

I will keep a lookout for your interests in my ongoing research and we may get
 lucky ?

Are you located nearby ??

Regards ,

Joe Greigg
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