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Re: Other Sinclairs in Delaware & Maryland USA

At 11:29 PM 4/2/2000 -0400, Joe Greigg wrote:

>Lynn -- you were inquiring about various William Sinclairs in the 1700's in /
>near Delaware :
>I show a William Sinclair married to a Mary Grandy on September 28, 1756
>at Old Swedes Church by Israel Acrelius.

This William Sinclair may be the son of William Sinkler (a.k.a. Sinclair) 
of Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Several Sinclair researchers on this 
mailing list are very interested in this William Sinkler and his 
origins.  The earliest   published reference to him that I am aware of  is: 
"Chester, PA. Monthly Meeting Minutes page 131, held at Providence, Dec. 
28, 1708: William Sinkler and Feby Gleave, both belonging to Springfield 
meeting, propose their intention to marry.  Page 132 -- held at Middletown, 
Jan. 28, 1709 -- their second appearance.  Page 133 -- held at Springfield, 
March 10, 1709 --  William Sinkler and Phebe Gleave's marriage reported 
orderly accomplished."  When William Sinkler died on or about 24 May 1757 
he was living in West Caln.

Although the above reference, and other Quaker records, indicate that 
William lived in Chester county, there are letters from some of his 
ancestors indicating that he may have been raised in the Wilmington area by 
a Quaker family after being kidnapped in Scotland at an early age.

Joe, if you come across any information about such a William Sinkler, in 
Delaware or Pennsylvania, please post a message to this list.


Richard Huseth

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