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Re: Absence in Cape Breton

yes, er...that would all be well and good if I was stuck in Cape Breton -
but I'm in the unenviable position of being stuck in Halifax...it's been
more than a month since I last touched Cape Breton and it feels like it...I
always go out of my way to get stranded on that lovely isle...

    if i were there I wouldn't be jealous of Niven at all in
Scotland...sounds like good action, though...I'm also coming to terms with
the fact that I will be unable to attend the gathering and related events
this summer - so Niven's references make me more green than the hills of
Scotland, New Zealand and Cape Breton combined......this event should not be

        and I'm already at my maximum wierdness level after the past six
months or more - I crave the islolation to regain my sanity...It can drive
one crazy if you can't keep your mind occupied...if you can do so for long,
long stretches - it's heaven. It's also no more isolated than Scotland or
New Zealand can be in certain seasons...it's a 2 1/2 hour beautiful drive
from an international airport with direct flights to London, New York, and
many more...

            It was 17C here yesterday, there are dozens of things cropping
up in my garden...

                        spring is coming...I just yearn to be away from the
computer and be out in it...hanging out of a helicopter or crawling amongst
the ruins...

                                                happy spring all...
                                                        have fun wherever
you may be...


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