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Re: Absence in Cape Breton

But Rob!
Behind door number #1 is a treck up Bear mountain, the opportunity to deal
with 3 levels of government, a disporportinate amount of rain and fog, and
above all one of the few places in the world that the gael attracts new
students. And yes who can forget one crazy fiddler, who may get his master
on the Globe and Mail known nationally coast to coast. Who could ask for
more......  unless that is;  Rob ye want to jump from the helicopter into a
nuclear plant and escape from the reorganization of Nova Scotia Power

They say all the isolation in Cape Breton drives even the sane nuts and the
Scots loco, so those on the list do wish Rob a Happy Spring and encourage
him to further his great creative endeavours and have one more dram o'
Scotch to cope with the paperwork that is being sent off to a Government
that is drowning in deficits, and just laid off the 2.1 civil servants that
were going to read it over the next 12 months. Be well our Cape Breton
Friend and may the Americans find you this summer in droves to employ those
coal miners!
Sent with a chuckle and a smile
Your friend from
The Thundering Big City out to your West
with the money, the population and all the filmmaking
to say nothing about a wee bit of

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