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Re: a young sinclair is amazed

Dear P.
Welcome to the Discussion list. I have understood the African Americans with 
Anglo names were most probably descended from slaves. Slaves apparently had 
just a single (first) name. Those slaves that were made free by their 
masters, or by the Emancipation Proclamation were asked to give Surnames for 
documentation and record-keeping. Those who were fond of their former masters 
took the masters surname as their own. Some African Americans were also 
descended directly from their master. 

You will find there are many Sinclair families from Virginia, North & South 
Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and other former Confederate States.

There are also Sinclairs in every part of the world. The Sinclair men married 
into most of these cultures. There are Sinclair children of every color and 

Most Sinclairs hailed from Scotland originally.

Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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