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Kringlen - QA

Dear Niven,

do you by any chance know if there are any records of the ones that
where captured and then imprisoned at Akers Hus in Christiania? I know
there where some 18 scottish soldiers, one of them are said to have been
Alexsander Ramsay, who survived the battle and that they where all

Some days ago I received e-mail from a swedish lady who is searching for
her husbands ancestors. She claims that one of the captured soldiers did
escape and went over the border to Sweden where he settled as a farmer.
She does not know his name, but she does now that he had red
hair(!)..... and his decedents was named "Red-Hair-Peter" and so on...
The surname they took up was Haller. The family tail is that they
originated from Loch Lomon or somewhere near.

Best regards
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