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Archie Sinclair

I have been searching for my maturnal grandfather, Archie W. Sinclair.
My mother was born in 1925, shortly after, my grandfather left and never
returned. My mother has not been able to provide much information, but over the years
I have pieced some things together. From a letter I found with my grandmothers
things, they met through a "Lonely Hearts Club" and communicated by letter. One of these 
letters lead me to believe that he was originaly from Kentucky. Another letter I found
was from the US Advocate General's Office, stating that he had taken pension payments
in Portland Oregon, leading me to believe he may have retired from the military or served
in one of the wars. Archie and my grandmother Etta Sikes Sinclair were married in
Sallisaw Oklahoma, and resided for a short time in Roseville Arkansas. I do have an old
black and white photo of him and my grandmother, he was approximately 5-09 or 5-10, light complected
with light hair. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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