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Re: Niven and Jenny

hi folks...

    I've been thinking about this topic for the past coupla days...

   Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas (bless them) give some details of the
displaced 28th Degree of the Ancient Scottish Rite, Knight of the Sun (The
Second Messiah pps285 -6). This degree is claimed to be the "Key of

        " Over the entrance to the chamber where the degree is conferred is
written: "Ye who have not the power to subdue passion, flee from this place
of truth"..."

            I tend to be passionate, Niven seems to be passionate,
destroying perfectly innocent inaninmate objects is apparently not uncommon
in the clan...although sometimes it takes 2 falls out of 3...

                    are we missing something here?

                                Jenny, my heart twinged when I read Niven's
words because, Niven - that is no way to address a 20 year old lady...but
you did impart a lot of great information, and to me - because I do it too
Niven, that is what matters...

    jenny, there's no way that you are going to be as think skinned yet as
the likes of us and Old Toad in Indianapolis, or many...but be patient...it
will be worth your while...

                Wine is strong
                A king is stronger
                Women are even stronger
                But Truth will conquer all

                    so in the end, you're got the drop on Niven and the rest
of us anyway - not to mention your blasted youth...

                            peace and hope to you and your mother,


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