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Greetings to the extended clan;
I note that Ian has already done a splendid job of sharing the wonderful event of last Sunday, namely our clan gathering in Ontario! He has done so in an elegant and timely manner. What I want to do is perhaps add a bit of my perceptions and appreciations of individuals that go the extra mile 'litterally' for others and in sharing fellowship, heritage, friendship and family fun. I would like to convey here, a thank you to our extended family that works so hard to share the values of being part of something that spans time and geography, and nurtures relationships and friendships.
It is always a treat to see Rory who is such a gentle host and also dynamic driver of clan fellowship; standing in the hall to greet members in one of his full "Sinclair Dress regalias."  But there was far more surprises in the offing. The most special was meeting many of our "list friends" in person. Email addresses have faces and voices! Mary Selver was greeting and helping out on Sunday as if she were a Torontonian all her life. It was special she was there. Then John Quarterman and Gretchen we found were not "cyber bots" (we really knew better) but warm brilliant communicatiors and they had come a piece. Austin is not exactly around the corner. Then we had the pleasure of meeting the Nova Scotia cousins, Bill Sinclair and our direct cousin Roger, (Clan Sinclair Canada/ Nova Scotia, both in Sinclair dress). What a pleasure. And Halifax is not exactly around the corner either.
Then we had more surprises when Rory suggested that this day was hard to top when we had an opportunity to meet our Chief Malcolm as an individual that had a lot to share and offer and a mission to preserve our heritage. I came away very impressed with the commitment energy and drive to preserving and passing on the Sinclair culture and tradition for generations to come for an extended family around the globe. Then there were PEI cousins, Toni and Sandy of the Argyll net, and  Wanda of the Toronto Archives, and Heather from Durham College and how the list goes on and on! What a fine opportunity it was to meet such a splendid gathering of fine individuals of all ages and to salute the volunteers of our Ontario association.
So Rory your gathering was a home run clear out of our Toronto Skydome! Peggy my better half, and myself, as attendees of such a fine event, want to thank you publically for the efforts you made. Events do not just happen they take a lot of work! I also personally thank, those that came from such great distances and from our community and shared of themselves the fellowship, rewards of common heritage we can take pride in. We look forward to sharing the rewards of that friendship in times to come.
But perhaps most importantly we are again reminded of the continuing human energy that is now networked around the world. To those friends in Australia and New Zeland the rewards ahead of you are many.  To those participants on the list, thank you for keeping your posts coming. As "Sinclair's" something special is developing in an ongoing fashion, through time and over distance which is special. It is as Rob might venture ours is "a unique song among the chorus of human voices" and it plays well. Thanks to all those that came, and to all you that read and participate on this list. In deepest appreciation you have our gratitude.
Neil Sinclair & Peggy Rintoul
Toronto/PEI/Argyll and Ontario/Perthshire
Attendees at the Clan Sinclair Ontario 2000 gathering.