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Re: Patrick Sinclair of Fort Michillimackinac

Thanks Margaret,

I would be very interested but please don't go to too much trouble. Actually 
I believe John like William also came to New Zealand.
Is Latheron far from  Wick?
Do you know anything much about the Lyall sept, ie how it came about?
Was there much happening around wick in the 1840's ish that would have made 
the likes of William and John leave Scotland to come to Australia and New 
Thanks Heaps,

>From: milamba <milamba@milamba.com>
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>Subject: Re: Patrick Sinclair of Fort Michillimackinac
>Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 07:24:07 +1100
>Hi Jenny,
>The William I was looking at had a brother John born in 1825, but in
>Latheron.  No mother is mentioned.  I'll hunt a little further for you if
>you'd like.
>And yes, Lyall is a Sept of Clan Sinclair.
>At 06:49 AM 01/03/2000 , you wrote:
>>Dear Margaret,
>>Do you know any more about the people you mentioned. I think William may
>>have had a brother John. On William's death certificate it says that JAmes
>>would have been a farmer. William was either born in 1822 or 1823 in Wick.
>>William married in wick, in 1850 to Barbara Lyall - that is a sept of
>>Sinclair is it not?
>>Her parents were Henry Lyall and Janet Sinclair.
>>>From: Margaret Stokes <milamba@labyrinth.net.au>
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>>>To: sinclair@mids.org
>>>Subject: Re: Patrick Sinclair of Fort Michillimackinac
>>>Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 17:14:39 +1100
>>>Hi Jenny,
>>>There was a James Sinclair that married Margaret McKay on 14 March 1822 
>>>and a William Sinclair christened Feb 1823 to a James Sinclair of that
>>>area... Could that be them?

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