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Dear Don Sinclair, St. Albert, AB
Firstly, I'm glad to see someone else is using the AL abbreviation correctly - you almost had me wondering whether all of my friends in AB were actually getting their Christmas cards or some lucky soles in Alabama were thinking that they were really popular.
I think you are missing the point.  When I am referring to the "Metric System", I mean the whole package of Canada using "politically correct" metric and other abbreviations promoted in the early 1980's.  Two examples are:
The word "metric" itself has two abbreviations m.t. or M.T.
And Centigrade is C as well as Saskatchewan as SK and Manitoba MB and so on.  (All of these can be found in any English dictionary.)
We also were not referring to the much needed social assistance.  I personally do not care about your personal political standpoint.  The suggestion was everyone should use their manners and be polite - don't say anything to anyone else that you would not appreciate hearing yourself.
You will have to find someone else to argue with from now on, if you're going to be nasty, we don't want to play with you any more.
Have a nice day!
C. Woodson
P.S. Hi Uncle Ken