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Sean Connery

Whilst we are in the negotiating stage, it would be somewhat premature to 
mention the
likelihood of Sean Connery's involvement.

Leave the disclaimers to Tim.  His book will give the lie to people like 
Lucas, Cuthbertson,
Brigitta Wallace and others.  There is already a mountain of evidence about 
discoveries in America.  No scholar worthy of the name believes that 
Columbus was first.
To be fair, Columbus, who never set foot on the Continent of North America, 
never claimed
to have done so.  He went to his grave still believing that he had reached 
the Indies which
is why we call a place the "West Indies" which has nothing to with the 
Indies and why call
people "Indians" who are not Indians.

Similarily, Henry Sinclair never claimed to have discovered America because 
he was aware
that his Viking forebears had been making the voyage for centuries and, 
before that, the
Phoenicians, the Romans, the Celts, the Basques etc.

There was nothing extraordinary about Henry Sinclair's voyage.  The only 
thing is the prevailing ignorance which most Americans have about their own 
and about the diverse people who have inhabited it for, at least, 25,000 years.

There are none so blind as those who will not see the evidence beneath 
their feet.

Niven Sinclair

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