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Sean Connery, world orientatioin etc.

My film and presentational material always shows the World as seen from the 
Pole because only in this way can we appreciate the proximity of the 
nations( Norway,
Sweden,Denmark,Scotland, Henry's 200 islands in the North Atlantic, 
Iceland, Greenland,
Markland, Helluland and Vinland) which Queen Margrette and her premier 
'jarl' , Henry Sinclair, wished to include in a Northern Norse Commonwealth 
of nations.

The Vikings (and others) always took the Northern crescent route to the New 
World just
as air-lines do today.  For far too long, we have tended to look at the 
World from  maps
using Mercator's projection which has given us a distorted view of their 
size and geographic

If we were fortunate enough to secure the services of Sean Connery, it 
would be as a
narrator and not as Prince Henry.   The film is a documentary.  It is his 
voice which we need and the imprimatur which his involvement would 
undoubtedly add
to the film.  His name still carries considerable weight in the film 
industry.  His love of
Scotland is also well-known and it would be this affiliation rather than 
any thought of
monetary gain which would be the determining factor in his decision to 
become involved.
He doesn't need the money.  It is an embarrassment to him.

Niven Sinclair

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