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Re: A Sinclair by any other name

Dear Jenny, Niven, John, Margaret...... and all...

Jenny, you wrote "It would be such a shame to lose so much valuable
knowledge as the older generation slowly leaves us." and that's a very
important statement. But there is something even more important -
something we tend to forget.... the pure reality and fact that we, you
and me, slowly becomes that "older generation".  A fact that make us
responsible for whatever history we leave behind and pass on to the
future generations. Never forget that our present will be next
generations past and that knowledge of the past is the base for the
present. Without that base future generations will hang loose - floating
around in cyber space!

We are obligated to write/tell our own history. If we don't - who will?

Best regards

PS: Hope this made sense.... it's still VERY early morning over here ;-)
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