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Re: A Sinclair by any other name

Dear Lena,

At least at my age I feel like I am getting a start on things already. But 
as we all know some of us are more aware than others of the fragility of our 
lives. One of the things at the present that stands out for me is that a lot 
of the older generation were around in a unique period in time. Especially 
for New Zealand which was only really settled by Europeans in the 1840's 
onwards. So the last 100 years and the generational stories that slowly get 
lost as people go are so so important to find out and record now, even just 
convert info from old files to new computerised and new paper records. I 
know that I grasp at the pieces of history and stories my nana wrote down.


p.s if that makes any sense, I am tired lol to late at night to be on the 
computer here in New Zealand.
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