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Re: A Dance called Survival


Perhaps you need to reassess your views. Every submission by you refers
to BIG, and normally bad government. I too am a Sinclair who was born
and raised in Saskatchewan (which by the way you never spell out (SK)  -
ashamed of the real word are we?). At any rate, be grateful they are so
many of us who enjoy life, wherever we are. Government is only what YOU
make it. Obviously you are sorely dismayed with YOUR choice. Perhaps
some positive thinking on your part would give your mind the room it
needs to appreciate all that we have, rather than focus on your
particular negatives. 

It would be refreshing to just once talk of the Sinclair history and
pride that comes from so many of us who had the privilege to grow up in
Saskatchewan and not to have to read your drivel.

Sorry to be so blunt, but someone had to.

Don Sinclair
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
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