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RE: A Dance called America

In Niven's defense - I do go to the Raves here in Halifax. In my younger days - those mind 'altering' drugs do indeed take you to a different level. Much like the 60's I am sure with places like Woodstock. Raves induce several levels of visual plains heightened by lazers; pulsing rhythums and you can sense in the room when everyone is affected by the 'trance' affect. But; I have found when peered with my friends on the same 'trip' - I would mention several fascinating things I could vision and see in my mind or try to describe to my friends. In sincerity and self-belief; I saw these things; but they all aclaimed not noticing the same affect. I can visions cities that don't exist, plains of travel that haven't been produced yet; and Cathedrals of some 'dimension' unknown - all in fun though.
I also find my friends would have to 'consume' greater doses of whatever was the trend at the time. I am not fearful in my digression of saying I have tried drugs in my youth ( which would allude to only 2-3 years ago ) - I am sure many of us have. But; my point is I would never have to take near the same amount as my friends would and found my duration and visions were sincerely heightened more profound.
I have a cousin in Saint John, New Brunswick who is 23 - he says he can smoke pot and then he says he can play video games with his eyes closed. ( Danny Sinclair )
But; who knows - he also says he can predict the future, and this guy is one of the most 'normal' calmest, shy person ( Sinclair ) I have ever met. :)
Randy Sinclair


I agree with you entirely because, as human beings, we have a choice for good or for
evil.  Nevertheless, "that which is born in the bone can never be driven out of the blood".

Our genes make us what we are.  The nature/nurture argument has always been with
but I know, at a level far beneath the foundations of reasons and experience, that we
Sinclairs have always had a special role to play in the affairs of our fellow men.  Many
have performed this role - others, for fear of failure, have opted out because they haven't
realised (and, therefore, haven't released) the true talents which lie within them.

Niven Sinclair