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Re: Where did THAT come from?


I am usually just an observer on this list and I know better than to get 
involved in a political discussion, but....

To all of you who do not live in the United States there are many of us who 
think that Ronald Reagan was a brainless buffoon.  I still am flabbergasted 
that even a toad voted for him.  It is a sad commentary on the intellectual 
capacity of the voters of this country.

In summary, I apologize for this political comment.  In my defense, I cannot 
sit idly by when someone makes a blanket statement praising someone whom I 
find abhorrent and alleging that "we Americans" all feel the same way.  I 
know that it is often difficult to add a disclaimer to every statement, but 
we must remember that the individuals on this list, as well as the Sinclairs 
of the past, hold widely divergent views.  And everyone has a right to his or 
her opinion, no matter how stupid and misguided :)
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