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the Battle of Rosslyn

Almost a year ago Ian Sinclair and John Ritchie provided a writeup
about the Battle of Rosslyn, in which on 23 and 24 February 1303
8,000 Scots under Sir Symon Fraser, with the assistance of Sir William
Wallace, Sir John Comyn, and Sir Henry St. Clair, defeated at Roslin
three English forces, under Sir John Seagrave, Ralph de Confrey, and
Sir Robert Neville, one after the other.

   So ended one of the greatest battles of the wars of Scottish
   independence, which without doubt had a significant effect on the
   Scots at that time, never before had such a small Scots Army triumphed
   over an English army of such numbers, the odds were almost four to one
   in the English favour. The Scots had used their local knowledge of the
   physical geographical landscape of Roslin Glen and the surrounding
   area as the main weapon in their armoury, that combined with the
   tenacity and courage of the Scots soldiers had won the day.


PS: This Henry St. Clair was the eighth Baron of Roslin.  He later
fought at Bannockburn and signed the Declaration of Arbroath.  He was
the great-grandfather of Prince Henry Sinclair of Orkney.
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