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The Battle of Falkirk, 16th January 1746

Folks, Sinclair was right after all!  In addition to the 1298 Battle, there 
was a battle during the  '45 Jacobite Rising.  It was the last of the 
Jacobite victories before the defeat at Drummossie Moor (better known as the 
Battle of Culloden) just three months later.  Details may be found at 

It is remembered in a popular song:

Up and run awa', Hawley, up and run awa'
The filabegs are comin' doon to gie your lugs a claw.
Young Charlie's face at Dunipace has gi'ed your mou' a thraw, Hawley
Blasting sight for bastard wight, the worst that e'er he saw!
Hielan' Geordie's at your tail,
Wi' Drummond, Perth and a' (run awa') 

Ere ye saw the bonnets blue down frae the Torwood draw
A wisp in need did ye bestead - perhaps you needed twa!
General Hurst that battle busk that prime o' warriors a', Hawley,
Whip and spur he thrust afar as fast as he could ga'

I hae but just ae word to say and ye maun hear it a',
We came to charge wi' sword and targe and nae to hunt ava',
When we came down aboun the town and saw nae faes at a',
We couldna half believe the truth that ye had left us a'!

Yours aye

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