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Ian to Noss Head

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Message-ID: <008a01bf5dcd$f15631e0$a11c883e@iansincl>
From: "Ian Sinclair" <iansinclair@nosshead.freeserve.co.uk>
To: [copious addresses elided; sinclair@mids.org was among them]
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 13:55:18 -0000

Dear Friends,
I will be packing away my computer equipment on the 17th January 2000,
ready for transporting it up to Scotland on the 28th Jan, where it will
be installed a.s.a.p. after that date.
My hotel in Manchester has now been sold and we move out, and up to
Scotland full time on the 28th Jan.
With all the workman now fully involved, I am looking forward very much
to the hands on setting up, of the Study Centre, after attempting to
administer everything from 500miles away.
Thank you, for all your patience, to all the people who have enquired
about our books, and other products, I will, I promise, attend to all
your enquiries as soon as I get ensconced in the Lairds Retreat with the
said items.

Yours Aye

Ian Sinclair of NOSS,
{Archivist to Clan Sinclair Study Centre}

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