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Happy New Year

Aye Yours Aye - Happy New Year !!!
Yes Dave, this is an important time to say hello in the firm understanding that the Sinclair list and connections will continue into the next year, century and beyond. We have over a thousand years of collective inheritance of a proud heritage!
What an extrodinary gift and opportunity we have at the end of the century, to share ideas around the globe, to mutually share our family culture and heritage in a positive way. To learn from one another. Some 'thank yous' are important and appropriate as the clock turns over to the next century. 
To John Quaterman for maintaining the list and for his vision and leadership in collection and disemination of knowledge and education. To those many individuals that have added their web sites, pictures, information and links to our collective knowledge and like Karen have published in electronic format. To those like Ken that added (for all of us) their hobbies such as collecting place names and others who link sites of interest.
I also thank individuals that shared their passions for us. Laurel on so much history, Darwin on archeology and science, and of course Rory and Rob for their passion on music that connects us all. I thank Jean, Wanda on geneology with you many others that show that relations, families and lives lived and loved still matter.
Then, Niven, & Ian, who bring their perspectives on values and in preservation of the core of those values of heritage, cultures and place and then share their beliefs with such integrity. Then what an event it was to share greetings from the heriditary clan chief on Thanksgiving. Thank you Malcolm! Those of Great Britian, you all educate, preserve and pass on all those values which are noble that have gone on before and must be passed on.
Then to the friendships I have made goes the biggest 'thank yous'. Toni, Karen, Juli and Rebecca have made a difference in their world and to mine and that of my children. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I seek to enhance the relationships in times to come. Then the Argyll group with a proud shared heritage, from Don "down under" to those in our backyards, we salute you all. And last to my relations and lost immediate cousins that have made themselves known, Jim, Kevin, met us through this list and joined us. These relationships will continue.
Finally again I thank you John once again for the development of the enabling technologies. The articulation of myself is no doubt repeated a hundredfold by many others on this list.  The "gaps and girps" of technolgy we can get around, even thouch 500 messages come in error. Who cares, the issue cleared in a minute while the sharing is becoming far more important.
To each of our cousins and friends on the list, I wish you a meaningful New Year and may you all in your own ways continue to "Commit thy work to God".
Neil Sinclair Peggy Rintoul
Toronto/PEI/& Forever Argyll