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Re: Julie Returns

>I am truly glad Julie chose to stay.  However, I'm not sure I will.  I have 
>been out of the office since last Wednesday.  It's now Tuesday of the 
>following week. I had 587 messages when I checked this account.  Of these, 
>500 were from Julie's email loop.  Of the other 87, approximately 20 were 
>apologetic to Julie for the harsh tone.  Her most vocal attacker, who thinks 
>very highly of her own wit and who caused many of the loop messages, has yet 
>to apologize.  I am appalled that so many of us were hateful and stupid.  I 
>can be hateful with the best but this is truly ridiculous.  I am embarrassed 
>by the lack of breeding exhibited by a large majority on this list.  Many of 
>us should be ashamed.  However, I believe only a few of us are.

Actually, there were perhaps a dozen people who reacted shall we say hastily
to Julie's vacation messages.  That's out of a current headcount of 222.
Doesn't look like a majority to me.

Are we now to criticise some of those who overreacted for not following
up in a politically correct manner?

Wouldn't it be better to just call the whole incident closed and move on?


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