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Re: Monument to Henry Sinclair and Zeno and John and Julie and Darwin

I'm not completely versed but this sounds like maybe Delayne Coleman's Prince Henry Sinclair
Society kinda...they had plans to build a replica ship with a New Jersey boatyard I believe (but am
not absolutely certain)...they have erected a monument in Nova Scotia - In Guysborough - or more
correctly on the high road to Canso that shores Guysborough Harbour...It is a rock cairn a couple
of miles from the Clan Sinclair monument to Henry in Boylston Park...the view is spectacular...I
have photos...but they're not scanned in...it was Delayne who squired Tim on his hike...through
Nova Scotia earlier this year...I know from conversations with her earlier in the year that she was
making progress with Venetian connexions...I think that her society might be New York registered

    and, while I'm at it...John - what do I send you - jpegs or can you take a psd. which is a
photoshop document...or let me know what you can use as a format...I have scads of scans - Henry
Monuments, Mystery Walls, the lovely and talented Bill Sinclair...and more...

                    welcome back JULIE HENDRICK...you've won a new Ashley MacIsaac cd...send your
address and I'll pop one in the mail...

                    Darwin...that would be wrong and a great loss...let us all move on...we can
stop the ripple effects and not let them cause more ripples...a great accident could do incredible
damage if we let it...I propose that if you withdraw from the list we all copy you on all of our

                                                    halifax, nova scotia

"John S. Quarterman" wrote:

> Are they maybe thinking about the monument in Nova Scotia?
> Or the memorial set up by the Clan last year?
> Does anyone know anything about a monument in New York?
> (Maybe in Italian Nova Scotia sounds like New York. :-)
> John
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> Dear Sirs,
> at first excuse us for our English. We are a press office of Regione Veneto.
> We are preparing an article about Nicolo and Antonio Zeno.
> We read an article where the "Henry Sinclair Society" of New York erected a
> monument in 1998 to commemorate  the Prince Henry Sinclair and Zeno.
> Please, is that notice true? Where can I find on the web the photograph of
> this monument?
> Thanks for your interest.
> See you soon
> Luisa Quinto
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