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LOL Annie!! :):)

Now that you've sent me that member number, SURE!! You can go to bed!!! 
LOL!! :):)
You're great! :)

Margaret :)

At 11:45 PM 15/12/99 +1000, you wrote:
>I would like to share with everyone the dedication and wonderful efforts 
>of Our President, Margaret. It is nearly 1am here and Margaret is still 
>sending me e-mails. We have spoken on the phone 3 times tonight. At 11pm 
>every night, I wait for the call from an exited Milamba, telling me of the 
>latest.Next week we will have a pie drive or lemonade stall to cover the 
>phone bills :):) I am really enjoying being a part of the team.
>Annie Geisler
>Clan Sinclair Australia.
>P.S Margaret, Can I go to bed now? :):)

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