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Epcot of Disney World.

Just returned a weeks ago from Florida. Our last full day was spent at Epcot. 
In the world showcase we first went to Canada. Here we found a band called 
Off Kilter. Progressive rock with the pipes. The band members were from 
Canada, Jamaica, Ireland, and that hotbed of piping, Daytona Beach Florida. 
Thay put on quite a show. We next went to the United Kingdom. Lunch at the 
Rose and Crown, whick looks alot like the pub in the Queen's Hotel in Wick. 
The family had fish & chips, cottage pie, and Ploughman's lunch. This was 
washed down with a few pints of Tennant's and milk for the kiddies. Pringles 
has a woolen store here. Although it was not quite Caithness, it brought back 
great memories.
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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