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Clan Sinclair AUSTRALIA

Hi Everyone,

I am very proud to announce to you all the arrival of Clan Sinclair 
Australia!  The Right Honorable Malcolm Sinclair, The Earl of Caithness and 
Hereditary Chief of Clan Sinclair has agreed to be our Patron (for which we 
are very grateful).  John Mcintyre is our Treasurer, Annie Geisler is our 
Secretary, and I am the President! (what an honour!) :)  We have a 
committee and are now starting our membership drive and thinking about our 
first Official Newsletter!

And may I add a word of thanks to Niven for being our first member in good 

May you all enjoy a dram tonight (or today) for the arrival of Clan 
Sinclair Australia!

Margaret Stokes
Clan Sinclair Australia

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