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Re: Millenium

Thanks, Sinclair, for your generously expressed love, and the thoughtful
comments on time rolling on.  

We can choose to look up and anticipate good things and joy, rather than
shrivel up and feel scared.  Let's all create the energy of upbeat.

Myra in Portland.

At 11:42 AM 12/13/99 -0000, you wrote:
>   We begin the Millenium or do we?
>We begin the Millenium of  what? For Sinclairs, since Rollo, we're 1019
>years. For our Chief, if 25 years is a generation, it's a  half Millenium
>or if we count the Norse Titles, Millenium  plus 50 years.  December 19th, 
>1999. It's somewhere in the 1400's for Moslems. Somewhere in the 5700 for
>the Jews. It's 208 for the French Republican Calendar.  It's somewhere in
>the 7000's for the Chinese (does this mean  that   and  the Japanese. And
>once every thousand years we have the same  agreement, does the Millenium
>start on Jan 1st 2000 or Jan 1st  2001. When you start counting you start
>from "one" not  "zero". We call the decades "tens" "twenties" "thirties"
>etc. and we  call for example, "The nineteen tens" talking about 
>1910-20... so what do we call 2000-2010????   I see a lot of people are
>talking about their favourite  whiskeys. At risk of being traitor to the
>cause, my favourite is  Glenndronough,   Whatever  it is,   We have a
>gathering  of the   I wonder if all 250,000 Sinclairs and  associated
>peoples were to gather in Caithness if there would be enough     I
>definitely know there wouldn't  be enough    But at least we could  huddle 
>  Whatever it is, Let's make our next  year the year that makes our name
>shine.   Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Happy New Year, Bonne  Anniversaire
>and all the neccessary greetings to Annie in Australia, Laurel  in Oregon,
>Lynn in Delaware, Niven in Fulham, Ken in somewhere, Rory in   Canada, Brad
>in America, Mel in North Carolina, John in Texas,   Alexander in Mexico and
>all of the lovely Sinclairs who have  lightened   JR Carpenter, I've called
>your name in forty  churches. To all my cousins, my would-be cousins and 
>my almost-cousins   I would embrace all of you if I could  but instead I'll
>shut my mouth and leave you all in peace until next  year.   Sinclair 

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