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Re: Grandmaster List

Rob Cohn wrote:

> attn: Tim, Don, Sinclair, et all
>         Occasionally, one comes across some information regarding some aspect
> of the Sinclair web and someone claims it is based on forged
> information.
>         Some claim that the Zeno narratives are fakes, some claim that the
> documents that surfaced in the French Archives earlier this century
> regarding the Priory of Sion are forgeries. (Sat morning grammar, sorry)
>         I find that whenever speaking about Prince Henry's voyage there are
> those who cry "prove it"...
>         However, I have not been able to find out who determined that the Sion
> douments were fakes and by what process - and no one seems to
> know...they just claim that they are fakes...
>         So this Grandmaster List is a fake...by what process was that
> determined...I noticed that you said that "most" scholars feel that they
> are fakes...so obviously, as in the case of Henry's Voyage, there is
> doubt...
>         What Don is so eloquently asking is: says who exactly? Others may have
> phrased it differently but the questions stands...
>         I am on this list to further my knowlege...it is the responsibility of
> those who join groups to teach as well as learn...I am certain that Tim
> has gained valuable information and insight from being on this
> list...how about contributing on this discussion?
>         I understand that you are writing a book about Prince Henry's
> Voyage..."Most" scholars feel that it never took place...
>         If "most scholars feel" is sufficient reason for you to disregard this
> GM list...why is it not enough to disregard Henry's Voyage...?
>         And how say the highly placed Templars who monitor this list?
>         Good topic for a weekend debate - I loved the Stone of Scone one,
> too...
>         Got a picture of that rock, Niven? Keep up the great work...
>                         be at peace, Sinclairs
>                                         rob
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Congradulations, Rob!   ... and thank you! You have placed into words what I
believe so many others feel! I just joined the Sinclair "list" to monitor it for
historical discussions... to improve my own historical knowledge.... and look what
I've stumbled in to!
    I am a Mason of 25 years, a very active York Rite Knight Templar Mason of 24
years, a "Chivalric" Knight Templar of 4 1/2 years, and a continual student of
Crusade-and-later history all my life of 50 years. I am an active Senior member of
the International Order, OSMTH (the European Order under the true Grand Master
Fernando de Fontes of Portugal... NOT the schismatic "SMOTJ" of the USA and their
cohort "Atlantic Alliance" nor the IFA... but THAT's a whole other story!), and am
of the FIRM belief that the Charter of Larmenius is genuine.... therefore, I
believe the Grand Master list put forth to present day follows in legitimacy as
well. Why not? I don't think our earlier forefathers had any intentions of
establishing a false lineage just to give themselves legitimacy... I just don't
believe they would even THINK of such a thing.... that such a thing would never
even occur to them to do so... just too much later Templar history has been proven
true, that would give legitimacy to that portion which has no way of being proven,
but which is accepted as true....
    ... and, what claim do the "scholars" have, other than their studies? What
makes those "nay-sayers" possessors of the Word of God, any more so than any other
of us Plebians? Remember, the world was considered to be flat for so many
centuries by "learned men of society," even to the point of being religious
doctrine... that same doctrine that also said the world is only slightly over 4000
years old!
    My advise: take these nay-saying arguments not with just a grain of salt, but
with an entire PILLAR of it!
    Non Nobis, Domine!
    .... Vince Zubras, Jr., KGOTS ("GOTJ"), Dallas, Texas

[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@mids.org
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