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Re: Grandmaster List


I've added Rob's question to

Alongside it I've added this general commentary:

  The Nature of these Web Pages
   Your friendly webmaster here.
   Please note that just because something appears in [1]these web pages
   doesn't mean it is or is not true. There is a lot of speculation in
   these web pages. Where possible, I try to present both sides of any
   controversial issue. Except in occasional interjections such as this
   one, I prefer to present topics in the original words of those who
   have posted messages about them.
   Everyone please remember that history is largely a matter of opinion.
   I do try to select texts that are coherent and make sense, but that
   does not mean that they are necessarily true. Where there is some
   clear consensus that I can detect as to the historical facts, I do try
   to present that consensus. But remember, I am just a scribe; I do not
   claim to be a historian, and I am certainly not an expert in all (if
   any) of the topic areas covered in these web pages. Some of the people
   quoted in these web pages are experts in their subject areas; some of
   them are the foremost such experts in the world. But even they can
   have differences of opinion.
   For that matter, many of these texts are questions, not assertions.
   Even the texts that are not phrased as questions often have value in
   being treated as questions. Sometimes this method results in
   significant new research that changes some people's opinions, as in
   the [2]Argyll page.
   That said, I strongly urge everyone to cite their sources, and I
   include sources wherever possible.


   1. file://localhost/sinclair/sinclair-web.html
   2. file://localhost/sinclair/argyll.html
   3. file://localhost/sinclair/sinclair-web.html
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