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Re: Grandmaster List

attn: Tim, Don, Sinclair, et all

	Occasionally, one comes across some information regarding some aspect
of the Sinclair web and someone claims it is based on forged

	Some claim that the Zeno narratives are fakes, some claim that the
documents that surfaced in the French Archives earlier this century
regarding the Priory of Sion are forgeries. (Sat morning grammar, sorry)

	I find that whenever speaking about Prince Henry's voyage there are
those who cry "prove it"...

	However, I have not been able to find out who determined that the Sion
douments were fakes and by what process - and no one seems to
know...they just claim that they are fakes...

	So this Grandmaster List is a fake...by what process was that
determined...I noticed that you said that "most" scholars feel that they
are fakes...so obviously, as in the case of Henry's Voyage, there is

	What Don is so eloquently asking is: says who exactly? Others may have
phrased it differently but the questions stands...

	I am on this list to further my knowlege...it is the responsibility of
those who join groups to teach as well as learn...I am certain that Tim
has gained valuable information and insight from being on this
list...how about contributing on this discussion?

	I understand that you are writing a book about Prince Henry's
Voyage..."Most" scholars feel that it never took place...

	If "most scholars feel" is sufficient reason for you to disregard this
GM list...why is it not enough to disregard Henry's Voyage...?

	And how say the highly placed Templars who monitor this list?

	Good topic for a weekend debate - I loved the Stone of Scone one,

	Got a picture of that rock, Niven? Keep up the great work...

			be at peace, Sinclairs
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