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Clan USA history link

    I guess just  before we returned from Indiana, it got pretty exciting in
Major flooding with 5 highways closed because of mudslides and high water
Then there was a small earthquake about 40 miles away which just barely
a bit here.

    While I was away, I viewed my history pages from another computer.  I
had the shock of my life!  Were there some of you that were trying to be
polite and not tell me how wierd especially the Earls of Caithness link was
looking?   Those of you who were seeing 88 in the right hand column should
have seen a nice red arrow pointing to the Earl that was being elaborated
upon.   But mostly I was seeing a big blank in the right column where I had
entered much information.  Then there were the big black spaces that should
have been in glorious color that would help you find your way to the
matching color in the other column.  I have now taken out all that color
except for making the Earls' names in red for those who have color and maybe
this won't look strange for those of you who don't???
    Please let me know how it is looking now at www.clansinclairusa.org
and follow that to the history section.

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