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Templar Knights

Attention:  Laurel Fechner, Portland, and Richard Lower
Laurel, go ahead and use anything you want, this information came from "The Knights of Templar" Website, my brother Ken Sinclair sent it to me (the entire document is 22 pages long.)  Afterall, this information is for the good of the clan.  You are doing an excellent job and there are some fine people on this page, I thank you.
I'm afraid my father didn't use "Scots Wha Hae!" in quite the same context as Robby Burns and Wallace did.  (I'm sure it came over with the first boat load of Scotts.)  It had to do with kilts and bare knees he he he!
As per your letter, I have not read "Born in Blood", but I will certainly look for it.  I am a retired miner, residing in Swan River, Manitoba, Canada. 
Donald H. Sinclair