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Re: Stone of Scone


The Stone of Scone

It is called Jacob''s Pillow. Jacob asked God for a sign as he put his head
on a pillow stone.
He had dreams and visions.   He kept the stone. It became a tribal treasure.
God told Moses
to strike the stone with his staff. Moses struck the Stone twice. For his
disobedience he never
saw the Promised Land. Water came from the stone for over two million
people. Different
tribes came for the stone. A stone that gave water was surely a  treasure to
desert nomads
The Hebrews wared with the Amalicites for the Stone. They carried the Stone
back to the
promised land. The Stone stood for the promises God made to them and their
fathers. Israel
fell to two different invaders Assyria and Babylon. The Stone was in
Jerusalem until the King
of Babylon killed the sons of Zedekiah in front of him.  They removed
Zedekiah  eyes.. the
King of Babylon did  know Hebrew daughters could inherit.. The two daughters
of the king
went with their uncle Jeremiah. .Jeremiah  travelled to Egypt and to
Hibernia. Where he
marries one daughter to the kings there, and continues to Ireland. Jeremiah
meets "Ollam
Folla"  ( name translated seer).Jeremiah marries the second daughter
TeaTephi to the high
king of Ireland. Fergus took the Stone to  Scotland and became King.  The
English took the
Stone to London aware that the Scots would only follow a king sworn in on
the Stone.  The
only problem is the Stone is of local Irish origin but it is a great story
and people believe it.

What is certain is that this Stone is a symbol and touchstone of Scottish
nationhood, a  potent
symbol .In  the Treaty of Northampton  signed 1328  Edward III promised the
Stone's return
to Scotland. Since 1328, England has used every possible legal gimmick to
hold onto this
Scottish curio.

In 1951 a group of patriotic Scottish students succeeded in a daring raid to
recapture the
Stone and return it to Scotland. Although they were eventually caught, no
charges were
brought. To prove 'theft' of the Stone would have entailed the Crown proving
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>Regarding recent discussion about the true whereabouts of the Stone of
>Scone, if the original is not in Edinburgh castle, can we assume the
>possibility that it too, along with other treasures, is buried beneath
>Rosslyn Chapel?  The Sinclairs for centuries were the guardians of the
>treasures of Scotland, including some say the Holy Rood.  It would not be a
>large jump in logic to believe that the Sinclairs were called upon to hide
>this precious item from the mad clutches of Edward I.
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