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No Subject

It seems I have some explaining to do. I was subscribed to an All world history list. I wrote in complaining about the rubbish mail being sent to the list. I asked if one lady could add some history behind Thanks giving, rather than the recipes that  she was posting. I was asked to unsubscribe from a few members of the list. As I did. And here I was thinking I was the only member on the list, besides some very good cooks. I joined that particular list to learn World history not to know how to cook. I join these lists to escape the mundane chores of the kitchen. Anyway, Sinclair happened to be a subscriber to the list and had asked me to tell him a little about the civil war in Australia. That my friends, was how my message got on the list. Now I feel silly. There is no worry about my Unsubscribing from this list. I love it.
P.S Privateer, Help me out, I'm drowning in mail. Ha, Ha