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Re: Sinclairs at war.

At 06:46 22/11/99 +1100, you wrote:
Following the introduction of this interesting aspect of our clan activities, by Annie of Queensland, I thought the attached page from the diary of my great great grandfather may be of interest.
There are other pages if anyone would like to read them.
Australia has a large population of Sinclairs, but unfortunately, no organisation to unite them under one umbrella.
John Sinclair McIntyre.
 I suggest the Sinclairs of Australia try to enlist the active involvement of:

                                H.E.Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair,
                                Government House
                                Sydney 2000

When I first approached him some years ago his official duties prevented him from becoming
involved but, as he may well be retired by this time, a further approach might be more positive.

As you say there are many Sinclairs in Australia including "milamba "who is a frequent
contributer to these columns.  She would be an ideal person to unite you all through e-mail
and, ultimately, at a grand get-together.

We would love to see some Sinclairs at our Millennium Gathering in July, 2000 but that
event is now "sold out".  Nevertheless, we would be prepared to have a re-run at a later date
for the "Anzacs".

Niven Sinclair