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Re: Sinclairs at war.

>Ken W. Sinclair
>Hi Brother!
>How is that for lively discussion?  Just one "nasty" to date.
>Not bad for the fire eating Sinclair group.  Did you talk to Howard
>about the U.K. researcher?

Also, about five people have left the list, but that happens almost
any time discussion becomes lively.

This thread has produced a novel take on Sinclair identity.
Rob Cohn appears to be suggesting that Sinclairs are not just
a family, or even a tribe (clan), rather a culture.
Not a culture that requires tomb robbing, I hope.

>P.S.  Stay Cool Brothers!


>Donald H. Sinclair

>From: John Mcintyre <jsmci@hdc.com.au>

>    Following the introduction of this interesting aspect of our clan
>activities, by Annie of Queensland, I thought the attached page from the
>diary of my great great grandfather may be of interest.
>    There are other pages if anyone would like to read them.

As noted in mail to you yesterday, and since you posted your picture
for the list and have made no objectin, your picture is now in the web pages;
look under New in

Pictures are good, but I would like to suggest putting them in a web page
somewhere, not necessarily here (others have used, e.g., photopoint) and
sending a note with the URL.

>    Australia has a large population of Sinclairs, but unfortunately, no
>organisation to unite them under one umbrella.

>    John Sinclair McIntyre.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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