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Saint Margaret Patron(ess) Saint of Scotland?

St. Margaret Patron(ess) Saint of Scotland?

Patron Saints oversee, from the religious aspect, specific areas of life as do patrons (not usually named "patroness") over the secular aspects.

The Hungarian St. Margaret early in 11th Century is certainly well known for her civilising influence on King Malcolm Canmore (Ceann Mor) and establishing the Roman Catholic Church in place of the old Celtic Church. She was certainly a formidable woman with many commendable qualities. Whether she could be considered to have had primarily the interests of Scotland, as a Nation, at heart is open to debate. her influence, historically, on the evolving religion in Scotland at King Malcolm time was profound and reverberates today. Unfortunately her intolerance of non-Popish people also has lasted.

Scotland is now moving towards what appears to be independence but is only the exchange of Brussels for London. This substitution of an alien law, customs and thinking for the British way of life it is a greater change that Cumberland's in destroying the Clan system. We have to thank to the ill thought out and dangerous constitutional tinkering of a power mad Prime Minster for the attempt to end Great Britain and deny Scotland her historical perspective. The most Ancient and proudest Kingdom in Christendom is now to become a European toy to punish the English for their successes freedoms and Empire.