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Re: SINCLAIR of Canisbay, Caithness

    There was a lot of movement and socialization between Stroma residents 
and Swona residence where my Robert Sinclair married his wife- Mary 
Sutherland Allan in 1859. I have a picture from the book "Lest we forget" 
that shows a cable strung overhead, I quote:
"At the southwet corner of the island (Stroma) is a stack with Castle Nestag 
or Robber's castle on top.  It was quite a thrill for me to set foot in the 
Robber's Castle under the sexpert teammanship of Pentland Coast Guard and I 
did not feel apprehensive swinging across the breeches-bouy.  Robert Crowe, 
Rogni Brown, Malcolm Calder.........John Mowat, William Rosie, and Jimmy 
Sinclair took part in the experience under the command of Robert Crowe.  The 
list of names was put in a bottle and I placed it under a wee cairn of stone 
there on Castle Nestag or Robber's castle as we aye call it."  JamesSimpson 
   Maybe we will find a link latter.  I have since discovered that my James 
Sinclair's parents were John Sinclair and Barbara Annal (Annal is another 
noted Swona name.)
                          Thanks for studying the info.      Marilyn
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