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Breaking News -- Chief Malcolm Elected to House of Lords

Dear Cousins,

Check out the great news about our Chief's election to the House of Lords.  I 
have posted this on the Clan Sinclair Web Site at 

I you haven't been to the Clan Sinclair Web Site lately, you should check it 
out.  Laurel Fechner, our Clan Historian is busy putting our history on our 
web site.  You can access many of the pages, although she is still working on 

Need ideas for that special Sinclair for Christmas -- our "Clan Store" page 
carries items that are available from the Clan, inlcuding new glassware 
items, and "Prince Henry Sinclair" by Frederick Pohl.  We will soon have a 
page dedicated to Books and Videos with a source of where they can be 

Our "Genealogy" page has valuable links that are available to you, with many 
more to come.

Yours Aye,

Mary Selver,
Clan Sinclair Secretary/Treasurer
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