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Earl of Caithness to stay in House of Lords

Clansfolk will be pleased to hear that our Chief, the Earl of Caithness, has 
been elected as one of 75 Hereditary Peers to join 27 already appointed to 
stay on in the Interim House of Lords, the British Government's Upper 
Chamber, currently undergoing radical reform.  The Earl received a large 
number of votes.  The majority of Hereditary Peers, (around 600) who were 
entitled to sit will now have to leave the House, ending 600 years of 
tradition.  It says something of the high regard in which our Chief is held 
by his own, and underlines the good fortune we have that he is our leader.  
Viscount Thurso chose not to stand and has been seeking election to the New 
Scottish Parliament.

Yours aye

Iain Laird
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